Manifesto of the collective “Conexões em Luta” (Connections in fight) against the judiciary-media coup and in favor of Brazilian democracy

These are dark times for the Brazilian democracy. About thirty-two years after the transition from the military dictatorship and the resumption of a democratic state, Brazil is currently facing a political turmoil that has called into question the maintenance of democracy. The non-conformity with the 2014 presidential election results, and especially the intense efforts of the elites in search of absolute political control, has weakened the stability of our institutions, which now find themselves co-opted around the interests and privileges of those that have the economic power in our country.

We are not denouncing for the Workers Party’s sake. But, we understand that, despite the undeniable actions aimed at fighting social inequality plaguing Brazil since its colonial period, we believe that the policies followed by this government also brought several setbacks in our political and social context.

However, the current situation demands a deeper reflection. This is not the time to make an analysis of the political program that the government have followed; This is time to protect the democratic rule of law and strengthening the institutions. It is vital to defend our fundamental guarantees and individual freedoms won with the blood, bravery and suffering of the comrades who resisted the twenty-one years of military repression, always having in mind the burning dream of a full democratic regime.

In addition, faced with this serious situation, we emphasize the historical context of Latin America in relation to the coup practices of the right wing sectors that always have been attempting to overthrow legitimate governments. As we know, not only Brazil would face a despotic and autocratic government, but also South America as a whole dominated by the imperialist interests of the Northern capitalist countries, which have articulated and financed coups to prevent progressive advances to combat inequality.

This fight now is the same fight that historically the Latin American people has undertaken in pursuit of overcoming the imperialist exploitation and objectification of our society for the benefit of the economic elite privileges, who do not accept the autonomy that has been built since the overthrow of the autocracies that once dominated the continent.

Moreover, it is for this reason that the minimum sense of community moves us in the repudiation of the coup attempts practiced by sections of the big media and certain political institutions, which are now seeking to legitimize an unsound impeachment process against President Dilma Rousseff. Even if her actions has never been framed in the cases provided for an Impeachment such as “crime of responsibility”, nor she figured as an investigated or defendant in any lawsuits, while much of the commission that will judge for her impeachment in the National Congress have been accused and investigated for several crimes.

It is noticed that the Brazilian media, marked historically by the concentration of the media in family oligopolies of the economic elite (Rede Globo being unquestionably the most representative, held by the Marinho family, historical supporter of the military regime), now leads an attack to the political stability of the country, driven by vested interests of sectors of society who wish to dismiss, at any cost, the Workers Party.

To do so, they use a blatant manipulation of information with huge national weight in order to maneuvering the public opinion to the direction more favorable to their interests. Journalistic covers are marked by a tendentious speech, that are not committed to the “inform function” that should guide the performance of their activity. This is due both by the surmounted coverage of demonstrations in favor of dismissal of the president as the low profile coverage of the acts in defense of the democratic order.

Such arrangements then took even more serious contours in recent weeks when the Federal judge of the 13th Federal Court of the Judiciary Section of Curitiba-PR, Sérgio Moro, decided to break the procedural confidentiality of the records of the investigation brought against the former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, in which there were several phone recording done by the judiciary determination to break the privacy of phone conversations.

Thus, private phone calls involving Lula and Ministers of State, senators, lawyers and even involving the very President of the Republic, were freely disseminated, paving the way for early social judgment of such words, contrary to the impartial conduct of due process and protection of private life.

Moreover, we must emphasize that in addition to the patent illegality of the disclosure of private phone calls, it is inconceivable that in a legally organized country around a Federal Constitution, phone calls involving the Head of State were announced on national television without her being investigated and with no determination of the Supreme Court. There is therefore an attack on the Presidency itself, invaluable institution for the democratic harmony.

It also must be said that the disclosure of the recordings took place on the day when the Presidency announced the appointment of the former President Lula as the new head of the presidential secretariat. Which immediately caused a political and social upheaval, with very serious consequences for the operation of the country. In a sudden movement of the opposition sectors to this appointment, it draws attention the injunction issued by the federal judge of the 4th Federal Court of the Judiciary Section of the Federal District, Itagiba Catta Preta Neto, which suspended Lula’s nomination for this government position.

Such arbitrary acts were not taken into account, which characterizes the judiciary and the media coup that occurs in the country.

In this scenario of illegalities and biases analysis, the population sees the complete collapse of fundamental principles such as due process, the presumption of innocence and the inviolability of private life, replaced now by a judiciary-media driving riddled vested in interests that undermines the republican values that should guide the nation.

Thus, there is no doubt that the democratic stability of Brazil, recent reclaimed, is threatened once again and a coup is being engineered by sectors of the media and the judiciary. We are protesting because we believe that the democracy dreamed by past generations must be preserved with the courage to thwart these attempts against the power that was given to the people and for the people.

In view of this, recognizing the predatory nature that takes place in the relationship between the public and private sectors in Brazil, we agreed that all forms of usurpation of public interest should be fought against. However, this exercise should not be given without the knowledge of constitutional parameters, and should not be focused on not purposeful guidelines, that do not take into account the complex relationship of institutional powers and the private sector, let alone without recognizing the Brazilian profound social and economic inequality.

Such questions, because they are not restricted only to the national situation, should be thought broadly, especially in regard of Latin American region, where inequality, exploitation, and predatory practices of the private sector are an indelible mark in our common history.

Therefore, we seek a reflection from the left wing point of view, which is based in the fight for social justice and equality with proposals that really should lead to end structural and systemic ills, arousing from the corrupt context that concentrates in the hands of a few the power that belong to all of us.

Translate by Vicente Jabur de Souza e Silva (member of the communist party of Brazil – PCdoB)



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